Alfabloc® concrete retaining walls are a structurally efficient and versatile concept that offers a flexible solution for bulk storage.  It’s the only 'A' shape, interconnecting freestanding precast concrete wall system on the market. Its patented jointed mechanism aids in the spread of the load horizontally against the units. It is designed to be freestanding for the majority of uses, but can also be ground fixed for higher loading applications.

Requiring only a structurally solid base to sit on, the precast concrete wall units can be used in a variety of applications. It can be loaded on one or both sides and because it can be used without fixings bay sizes can be altered in a matter of minutes.  Units come in six sizes from 1.2m to 6.0m and can weigh up to 5.2 tonnes.    

Alfablocs® are used in many sectors including Agriculture, Waste & Recycling, Ports & Shipping and has many advantages including:

  • the ability to connect the blocks and create one solid wall
  • being easily transported
  • can be lifted without chains or shackles
  • fast & easy one-man installation
  • you can change the layout in minutes
  • no protruding toe so the loading shovel won't catch
  • easy to clean
  • load one or both sides
  • no casting holes to be filled
  • many different heights available

The Alfabloc® has been tried and tested over many years of constant use to withstand significant impact and withstand extreme weather conditions. 

*Proform is a sub-licensee under Tricon Precast, Ltd., the North American Master Licensee for Poundfield Products


 Alfabloc® Wall System


 Alfabloc® Wall System Drawings & Specs

10' Alphabloc

End Covers  - Seal Wall Units, Available in a Varitey of Designs

12 ' Alphabloc, 20' Alphabloc

GFL Environmental Inc - Calgary, AB

Roof Kits Available for Covered Storage

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